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What’s New

v2.0.2 – 09 December 2009 (maintenance update)

  • Fixed a crash when adding multiple Recordings in a certain order
  • Fixed a problem with the Wait For command not respecting the maximum wait time
  • Removed the message box from auto check for updates feature
  • Other small fixes

v2.0.1 – 01 November 2009 (maintenance update)

  • Added commands for database operations (Connect to database and Execute command)
  • Added Send email command
  • Added hotkey support by adding the Keys are pressed condition
  • Added error handling options
  • Added commands for database operations (Connect to database and Execute command)
  • Added Send email command
  • Added error handling options
  • Added commands to interact with .ini files
  • Added window commands (Move window and Resize window)
  • Added commands for Windows Services
  • Added new conditions (On error occured and Windows is shutting down)
  • Improved interaction with the Commands list Fixed adding more than one recordings in a project Lots of small fixes and improvements

v2.0 – 14 September 2008 (feature update)

  • Supports conditional run. Can now implement repetitive and conditional sequences using Controls and Conditions.
  • 5 control types that allow users to create loops and conditional sequences.
  • Over 40 powerful Commands that vary from registry and file functions to math and windows.
  • Added option to take icon from exe, dlls and .ico files
  • Redesigned user interface.
  • Added support for projects that store all recordings, commands and controls.
  • Added command line commands for batch builds.
  • New license for nMacro oriented to company development (single developer license and company license)
  • Improved Check for Updates feature.
  • Reviewed code and improved speed, security and error handling, also increasing stability and reliability.
  • Lots more features and improvements…

v1.1 – 23 September 2006

  • new interface
  • fixed some recording and some display problems
  • updated interface and links

v1.0 – 05 June 2005

  • new interface
  • new option to show message before and after record play
  • new option to change and restore resolution
  • new option to add delay
  • new option to execute command before and after playback
  • improved protection

v0.8 – 10.05.2005