v5.5.1 – 14 May 2008 (stability-5443029 maintenance update)

  • Added drag and drop for files and folders. Files and folders can now be dragged onto the window to be added
  • Added drag and drop for project items. Items can now be move in the project by dragging them to the desired location
  • Added Undo(CTRL+Z) and Redo (CTRL + Y) capabilities (only for adding, removing and moving items)
  • Added argument commands for building projects (/build /load= /quiet /test)
  • Updated the interface. New buttons, rearranged controls, options dialog before binding
  • Added new options for Controls: Any/All, True/False
  • Added Terminate Process command
  • Added Process exists condition
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved the icon extraction algorithm
  • Can now specify the file from which to take version information without needing it to be part of the project
  • CRC32 check and self delete options are now stored in projects
  • Added a new keyword ( %ACTIVEWND% ) for the name of the active window
  • Added nKeys to distribution
  • Added new example projects
  • All keyboard shortcuts now work when the list is not selected too
  • Rename existing output file to .bak
  • Improved the way the unpacker handles conditions and controls
  • Improved some of the existing commands and conditions
  • Fixed problem with the Progress Window not displaying the progress for the first file
  • In the File Contains condition you can now specify the offset from where to read and how much to read
  • Added option in installer to check for updates on each run
  • Various small fixes and improvements
  • Purchased NBINDER.COM domain

features-5288687Feature Updates:

v5.5 – 18 Aug 2007

  • Added new project items, Controls: Jump to line, Wait for, Sleep if, Abort if…
  • nBinder now supports conditional run, repetitive sequences, scheduled events and more project control based on predefined conditions
  • IMPORTANT: Now files are unpacked when they are encountered in the project and not before as in previous versions
  • Added new keywords: %UNPACK% (for the last unpack folder), %DATE%, %TIME%, %USERNAME%, %USER%, %DESKTOP% (more…)
  • Added new commands: Create File, Register DLL/ActiveX/OLE, and Window Management (Activate/Close/Hide Window)
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts (F5 to bind, CTRL+S to save project, CTRL+O to open project, CTRL+N to create a new project)
  • Easier to move project items (files, commands, controls) in the project
  • Added Move Up and Move Down buttons in the right click menu of all project item
  • Now file priority in File Options is relative to all project items, not just to file
  • Improved unpacker’s performance, security, error and memory handling (consumption)
  • Improved nBinder’s performance and memory handling
  • Improved project management
  • The title and subtitle for the Progress Window can now contain more characters
  • Fixed a problem regarding registry commands
  • Fixed nBinder’s Reset To default button for Global Settings
  • Fixed the crash on multiple consecutive binds
  • Fixed a problem that affected unpack paths (which contained \)
  • Various other small fixes and improvements
  • This version is compatible with projects created with nBinder 5.1.x but not vice-versa.

v5.1.0 – 24.03.2007

  • Added Progress window option for unpacker (Global options)
  • Can now add commands in relative order to files
  • Redesigned and improved the interface
  • Can add commands in the main list
  • Fixed some issues regarding the unpacker
  • Can now bind projects that only contain commands
  • nBinder now remembers saved projects

stability-5443029Maintenance Updates:

v5.1.1 – 12.05.2007

  • Small interface fixes
  • Fixed the automatic updater
  • Improved stability

v5.0.2 – 28.02.2007

  • Commands can now be edited
  • Redesign Commands interface
  • Added Rename/Move command
  • Improved the way the unpacker handles commands
  • Fixed problem with settings file size check
  • Improved nBinder’s stability and memory handling
  • Decreased unpacker size

v5.0.1 – 23.01.2007

  • Fixed icon extraction from .ico files
  • Removed default version information from PRO version unpacker
  • Small updater fix

This is the new nBinder generation that has evolved according to users requests to offer more functionality and reliability.

v5.0 – 15 Jan 2007:


  • Can now add an unlimited number of files to a project. The 200 files limitations has been removed.
  • New license for nBinder oriented to company development (single developer license and company license)
  • New Files and Registry related Commands. (9 new commands)
  • Added Encryption for files.
  • Improved icon handling. It now extracts all icons in a selected icon group and adds them to the output file.
  • Add new option to set command line arguments for each file in the project. Also supports special values.


  • Added Encryption for files.
  • Greatly improved security for the unpacker (the output file). Files are now more secure. Better encryption is available.
  • Improved unpack folderfiles protection.
  • Improved the way nBinder stores data in the output file.


  • Improved Check for Updates feature.
  • Greatly improved stability, compatibility and the way nBinder handles files.
  • Reviewed code and improved speed, security and error handling, also increasing stability and reliability.
  • Reviewed and improved the user interface.
  • Fixed reported bugs. (working dir, some interface issues, auto update etc.)