nCleaner is our most popular product with over 700 000 downloads until now. It is also one of the most costly in terms of support, as we receive support messages daily. 

One of the reasons behind it’s success is it doesn’t follow the rules set by other players in this sector neither in terms of design or in term of functionality. Of course a major reason is also the fact that it is free while offering features found in shareware products.

This being said we intend of keeping nCleaner FREE for as long as we can sell and make a profit from our other products in order to cover the costs of developing and maintaining nCleaner. We are also thinking about making it donation-ware (leaving it free but asking for donations). What do you say? Would you donate for nCleaner’s development?

Regarding the development status we are currently working on nCleaner 2.4 that will fix existing issues (lots of them have accumulated since the last release) and will improve some of it’s features (many improvement to all modules), preparing it for the next major version (v3.0) that will come with an important redesign (interface and architectural),  hopefully this year.

Please let us know if you would like us to add new features or improvements in the upcoming version.