The next generation nMacro Recorder will be called simply nMacro2 and will add new features and improvements aiming to add more options and possibilities maintaining ease of use.

The new product will be based on a command que for which there will be available over 60 commands available to users, conditional controls, repetitive sequences, scheduled events and more. Users will now be allowed to add an unlimited number of recordings per project. New modules will also be available in nMacro2. Users will also have more options for the output file (the stand alone executable), and many more new features and improvements.

All new features and improvements are designed to give users more power and more choices, all while keeping an easy to use interface.

Users can now use nMacro to design automation sequences or develop stand alone applications, all using an user friendly, easy to use interface.

Take a look for yourself at the new nMacro generation and help us test and improve nMacro 2: