I made a research of all automation software out there comparing common features, but also specifying specific features for each one, and also prices so you can make a clear view of the offer on the market. I have tried to be as impartial as possible, not giving our software nMacro any unfair advantage.

You can find the comparison table here: Automation software comparison


Automation Software Comparison

Legend: Green – feature is implemented, Yellow – feature is implemented partialy, Red – feature is not implemented.

We considered important features to be: ease of use, save as executable, interface (no coding), record and play mouse and keyboard.

We are working on a new nMacro version that will include features that this comparison has helped us identify. To keep up to date with our releases you can Subscribe to our Newsletter

For more information regarding out automation software nMacro check here: nMacro

I hope this will help users choose an automation software based on their needs. Please let us know what do you think.