6 July 2007- version 2.3.4

  • Fixed problem regarding registry scan removal
  • Added new items to Security Adivsor
  • Other various improvements

27 June 2007- version 2.3.3

  • Improved support for Windows Vista
  • Improved support for x64 systems
  • Added the new command argument ‚-cc‘ that opens nCleaner, cleans the system and then closes nCleaner
  • Fixed some critical problems that affected the Find Junk module
  • Improved and optimized the way Find Junk works
  • Fixed a cortical bug with Find Junk that crippled some Microsoft Office versions
  • Added .sfk files to the Find Junk list (temporary files left behind by Sony Products)
  • Fixed registry backup load
  • Firefox cache is clean is working again
  • Improved the way tweaks are handled
  • Fixed some small issues regarding the Tweak module
  • Fixed some issues regarding the Security Advisor
  • Improved general stability and memory management

11 June 2007- version 2.3.2

  • Added possibility to add ‚Shred with nCleaner‘ option to the context menu of all files and of the Recycle Bin
  • Added more Please Note information
  • Added plugin for Incredimail
  • Added plugins for Sony Vegas Video and Sound Forge
  • Made some improvements to the interface
  • Improved installer and uninstaller
  • The settings and log files are now stored in Documents and Settings\Application DatanCleaner.
    nCleaner can now be launched form a CD or other read only media.
  • USB sticks are now supported in Shred Free Space and Find Junk
  • Fixed a bug with reading the help file in IE7
  • Fixed some selection bugs regarding the Clean System and Applications module
  • Fixed automatic cleaning with ‚-c‘ argument
  • Fixed bug that incremented statistics when Analyzing
  • Fixed a bug regarding the way the Start Manager handles links
  • Several small fixes and improvements

14 May 2007- version 2.3.1

  • New interface design for a more professional look an easier handling
  • Added new Schedule options: Specific time and Shutdown/Restart after Clean options.
  • Some improvements to the automatic Updater
  • Items in the Startup Manager are now sorted
  • Fixed the problem with saving settings (especially selected clean items)
  • Fixed schedule cleaning
  • Fixed the Back and Home buttons. They now work for all screens

18 April 2007- version 2.3

  • Windows Vista is now officially supported
  • Updated all modules to work in Windows Vista
  • Added Analyze (test) button for System and Application Clean
  • Can now select which folders you want to exclude from scan in the Find module
  • Can now StartStop services from the Startup Manager module
  • Can now disable services by selecting remove from the right click menu
  • Changed (improved) the way services detected are handled
  • Changed (improved) the way Tweaks are detected and applied
  • Added new tweak items for XP and Vista (added some Vista only tweaks too)
  • Added more cleaning items and improved existing ones
  • Added more plugins and improved existing ones
  • Fixed some interface issues
  • Fixed Clear Type font bug
  • Fixed shredder bug (DOD with 7 passes)
  • Fixed Clean on Internet browser shutdown bug
  • Password is now reset on uninstall

03 March 2007- version 2.2.3

  • Improved Interface
  • Fixed some interface issues
  • Fixed shredder bug
  • Fixed registry scan error bug (we hope)
  • Added more Security Advisors
  • More warnings are displayed
  • Small fixes to Find Module

24 February 2007- version 2.2.2

  • Improved Registry Cleaner
  • Fixed critical Registry Cleaner bugs
  • Improved general stability
  • Improved Limited Windows accounts handling
  • Improved memory handling
  • Improved error handling

17 February 2007- version 2.2.1

  • Some GUI fixes
  • Added new cleaning items: Flash Player and Shockwave player
  • Improved some cleaning items
  • Improved Registry scan
  • Fixed the updater
  • Fixed some problems with Free Space Shred and increased shred security
  • Excluded more system folders from Find Scan to improve safety (will add user control in a future version)
  • Added progress bar for Registry Scanner
  • Removed some warning from Tweak module
  • Removed some cleaning items from default selection

01 February 2007- version 2.2

  • Redesigned the GUI
  • Fixed the registry backup problem
  • Fixed the Monitor bug
  • Fixed the cookie exception bug

23 January 2007-version 2.1.1

  • Some small fixes to bugs that appeared after the license change from shareware to freeware

15 January 2007- version 2.1

  • Some small fixes
  • Changed license to freeware (only for non-commercial use)

10 October 2006 – version 2.0.1

  • Fixed some Tweak related issues
  • Fixed some cleaning selection issues
  • Fixed some interface issues

23 Sep 2006- version 2.0

  • Added Advanced Registry Cleaner
  • Added System Advisor
  • Added New cleaning items
  • Added Real Time Monitor
  • Added Memory optimization module
  • Added new schedule options
  • Added New Tweak items
  • Added New Startup locations
  • Optimized Find algorithm and added new options.
  • New Interface
  • New Auto update feature
  • New Statistics feature
  • Updated plugins