All NKProds products are sold through Avangate. Our numerous payment options give buyers the choice of using credit cards, bank transfers, checks, cash, or purchase orders (for corporate customers), including billing in various currencies. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Solo, and Switch/Maestro (only if issued in UK).Credit card payments are processed within seconds, and clients receive their product or licensing information without delay. RegNow’s offices in Germany and the United States are happy to accept your check payments, as well as transfers from anywhere in the world to bank accounts in various countries.

We consider that some NKProds software are mature enough to sustain themselves as shareware products. This products have reached a professional level in both quality and user approval. A lot of work has been invested into these products, a lot of resources and man power in order to constantly improve them. Also consider the fact that NKProds needs a domain and a hosting service and free ones cannot offer quality so we have to pay for this services too.

You can help us by buying the software and not using any cracked versions or versions from sources other than and download sites like and and others.

Also you can help us by sending your feedback regarding NKProds products. We are interested in any suggestions you may have and also we would like to hear about any problemsbugs you encounter in our software, in order to further improves our products. Also if you have an idea for a new feature or option in any NKProds product please let us know here.

To buy a NKProds product just go to this page and click the buy link for the product andor license type you want to purchase. After you enter your details, including a credit card number(or PayPal, check and other), and the transaction has completed you will receive a link (valid for 3 days or more depending whether or not you have also bought the Extended Download service that preserves the link for a longer period of time) from where you can download the full version (very small download

Allows one independent software developer to use nBinder PRO. This license is provided only to independent software developers, not for companies. Purchase a single developer license only if you are not affiliated with any company or organization. This license type is for a single person (individual) use only. If you plan to use nBinder for a company, or any other type of organization you must choose and buy the company license, not the single developer license.

This license type include only minor updates (for example: 2.x but not 3.0) for the version you have bought, but no new major versions. Both licenses include free support from NKProds.

30% Discount for Existing Customers (clients that have bought licenses for previous nBinder versions) name=“customer“ id= „customer“>

Existing customers (a (all people that have bought a license for a previous nBinder or nMacro version (v4.x, v5.0, v5.1) can receive a discounttrong> when purchasing the new nBinder 5.5.1 PRO, of 30% no matter what license type they choose.

To benefit from this discount all you have to do is contact us (before purchasing nBinder PRO). Make sure to include your full name, email address and the serial key you received when purchasing the previous nBinder license and we will send an email containing a coupon code that you can use to get the 30% discount for nBinder 5 PRO, when buying from http:/

Upgrade to company license

If If you own a single developer license and want to upgrade to a company license you are eligible for a discount of about 90  USD (the price you paid for the single developer license).

To upgrade your license please href= „../contact/“>contact us. M. Make sure to include your full name, email address and the serial key you received when purchasing the single developer license and we will send an email containing an address that you can use to get the 90 USD discount for nBinder 5 PRO company license.